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touch wall light colorful | lienahu LED touch induction lighting hexagon lamp,decorative wall light

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touch wall light colorful
Brand Name:LIENAHU
The basic idea of ​​this product is to allow users to convert the internal structure of the space into a light source.
By simply sliding the wall surface, users can illuminate the path they touch. Turn the internal building into a canvas, and then let the user use his hand as a brush.

  • Touch switch: The capacitive sensor is used as a switch. When your body touches the surface, you can turn each component on or off. This design allows you to slide effectively where you need or need light.
  • Customize your space and enjoy the fun of DIY: it can be freely combined, with different numbers of modules to form the pattern you want, the shape of the hexagon allows these components to be nested together and provides a variety of different structures opportunity. By illuminating any number of tiles needed, customize the lighting level to create a suitable atmosphere.
  • Rich scenes: The unique geometric design can not only be used as an illuminated night light but also decorate your house. Widely used, it can be placed in the living room, bedroom, study, dining room, hotel, etc.

1. At present, you can connect 30 modules on the same power circuit.
2. If there is a problem with a lamp, you only need to replace the lamp that has the problem. You don't need to replace all the lamps, so you don't have to worry about it.
3. How is the module powered?
Each module is connected by a magnetic edge, and power is transferred in each module through metal pins extending from each edge. (They are not battery powered)
4. How to fix the module on the wall?
The hexagonal modules can be fixed to the wall by using the adhesive pads provided in the starter kit or by hooking the nails through the holes on the back of each module.

Including: night light + 1 *user manual +1 *plug
Size: 11.5*10.0*1.8cm/4.5*3.9*0.7inch (length*width*height)
Material: ABS
Mode: British plug/American plug/European plug
Power: 5W
Power supply: 110V-240V

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