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stress toy squeeze | LIENAHU squeeze mini toy,super flexible little cute

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Brand Name: LIENAHU
stress toy squeeze
Gifts suitable for children, can also be used for adult decompression and relaxation, active palm.

  • Easy to clean: These stress toy squeeze can be washed directly with water after getting dirty.
  • How to use: Perfect animal squeeze to relieve stress and increase blood circulation in the hand.
  • High-quality materials: High-quality soft gel materials are not easy to deform! These animals are amazing and soft. You can't stop squeezing them due to the excellent touch and total compression ability.
  • Easy decompression: When you are in a bad mood, just hold it in your hand and press hard to relieve the stress.
  • Home decoration: With a charming appearance, it is also a good choice for home decoration.
Size: about 4-7cm, different models have different sizes
Weight: about 13 grams each
Quantity:10 randomm,20 randomm,30 randomm,50 randomm
1. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to play this product when their parents are not present
2. Never swallow
3. Fire roasting is strictly prohibited

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