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pilot car pendant | LIENAHU airborne division leather strap car perfume pendant, air freshener car interior decoration

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pilot car pendant
Brand Name: LIENAHU
  • Pilot design inspiration, giving people a retro, mysterious, and interesting feeling, this is a great choice in the eyes of your friends.
  • Easily remove all kinds of odors and make your car more refreshing. Non-toxic and chemical-free, it can purify the air inside the car, keep the air fresh, and reduce harmful gases.
  • Unique design can be used for any type of passage in cars and interiors and houses. They are not limited to use in cars, but also in bathrooms, bedrooms, pet houses, etc.
  • Stainless steel + leather strap + environmentally friendly silicone helmet material, car perfume pendant, and car perfume clip for car ventilation, top quality.
Packing: Pilot car pendant* 1 + solid spherical perfume* 2
1. Due to the difference between different monitors, there may be a slight gap between the picture and the actual color.
2. Due to manual measurement, a slight error is allowed.

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