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led lighting drawing board | LIENAHU Adjustable lighting drawing board for art painting,Children's educational gifts

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Three-level dimming

Brand Name:LIENAHU

  led lighting drawing board

【Ultra-thin, lightweight and portable】-Only 3.5mm thick, easy to carry. The lighting is completely uniform, super bright and does not flicker.

【USB power supply】-With USB cable, you can easily open the light box from any computer, mobile power or USB plug directly connected to the power outlet.

【Intelligent Brightness Memory Function】-After turning on, the brightness will automatically enter the same state as last time. The pressure plate has high transparency, high hardness and durability.

【Three levels of dimming】-So you can configure it according to your preference. Visually protected technology, super bright and environmentally friendly LED, sensor switch design, easy to control on / off and brightness at the touch of a button.

【Wide Application】-Ideal for templates, 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, scrapbooking, tattoo transfer, sketches and drawings, sewing projects, stained glass, sewing, applications, X-ray visualization, etc.

【Quality after-sales service】-Factory direct sales, excellent service, if you have any questions, problems, suggestions, please leave a message to the seller, we will give suggestions / solutions within 24 hours, we cherish each buyer, Regardless of the size of the business, it is the spirit of our company to value all buyers and customers.

Panel material: export high quality acrylic
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Light source: environmentally friendly super bright LED, no flicker
Power: 2.8W
Output voltage: 5V USB / input voltage: 100-240V
A4 model: 235mm * 335mm * 3.5mm
Packaging: 1LED light drawing board + 1 manual + 1 standard USB cable (Note: without power adapter)

1. Keep away from fire and water
2. Be careful when opening the product.
3. Three-level mode is the brightness of three gears. The third gear is the strongest light.
4. If the indicator flashes after turning on the power, please be assured that this is normal. This means that the power input does not match this product. You can solve the problem by replacing the charger, power bank or computer interface.
5. We have a transparent protective film on the mat that can make the surface look old. Please delete it before use.

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