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drawing gloves | LIENAHU black two-finger antifouling gloves

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Brand Name: LIENAHU

Drawing gloves

Left and right hand drawing gloves for any graphics tablet
Suitable for students, art students, painters, art lovers, computer workers, etc.


【Two-finger gloves】-Make your painting more comfortable and elegant.
【Anti-fouling design】-The professional design of anti-fouling for the tablet and tablet monitor reduces the friction between the hand and the surface of the tablet without preventing the hand from activating the touch-sensitive tablet function.
【Use for left and right hands】-Four sides stretch fabric, good breathability, light and comfortable, high quality, washable, suitable for left and right hands.
【Reuse】-The glove fabric is made of high-stretch Lycra fiber. Soft texture, breathability and sweat absorption is not worse than cotton fabrics. However, it is much stronger than cotton and can be reused.
【Fashion style】- Two-finger gloves make your painting more comfortable, more elegant, classic and charming black, showing low-key luxury.

Material: Cloth
Colour: Black
Gender: Male Female
S size: 14cm-14.5cm / 5.51-5.70 inches
M size: 14.5cm-16.5cm / 5.70-6.49 inches
L size: 16.5cm-18.5cm / 6.49-7.28 inches

20 on sale,$ 4 each

50on sale,$3.5 each

Width: 5 cm / 1.96 inches
Packaging: 1 two-finger drawing gloves, perfect for left and right hand use (gloves only, excluding pens, writing pads or other items)
1. Manual measurement will cause an error of 1-3mm. Due to different monitor screens, the colors may be slightly different, please understand.

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