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1. Introduction to lienahu. What company is lienahu? What services do they offer?

a. lienahu is an e-commerce website based on the LIENAHU service concept. We focus on providing services to anyone with a need. The company was founded in 2014 and has companies in China and Hong Kong.
In Asia, we have a unique operations team to make people's futures better. Through first-class services, industry-leading systems and processes, the company provides customers with excellent services that the industry's competitors cannot match.

b. What is the specific problem solved by lienahu?
We can provide our clients with many different opinions in life. We will be based on differences in humanities and geography, and make our products uniquely solve problems and have unique characteristics, which may sometimes make your life convenient or fast, or to your body. Health is good, even for the improvement of the charm of the whole person.

c. How lienahu takes advice and practices it.
First of all, all our products are based on a standard, for example, it is a daily necessities in your life, and we will sell it through its ability to solve problems and some unique features. We will always use your opinion, Improve or sell different products and practice them.

2. Registration process, membership system and corresponding member services.

a. How do I get some news from lienahu?
You can choose to take a mailbox subscription, we have the latest news and a good product we will send to you.

b. How to become a member, what are the members of each grade?
To become a member, just buy the product you like.
Buy once you will become a gold member for a month.
You will become a lifetime Platinum member after five purchases.
You will become a lifetime black gold member after ten purchases.

c. What are the benefits and services for each graded member?
Gold members will receive a limited monthly product offer.
Platinum members will receive all product offers for life.
Black Gold members will receive all product offers for life and tailored service and customer service.

3. Other
a. What are the payment methods?
Currently we only support PAYPAL payments.
We will continue to pay online credit cards and other methods of payment, so stay tuned.

b. How to deal with product damage?
If the damage is confirmed, we will give you a 100% refund.
As a Platinum Member and a Black Gold member, the damaged product will be added to you free of charge and will be 100% refunded for you.

c. Logistics
We will choose a variety of solutions for logistics.
If you urgently need a certain product, we will provide you with express logistics service, you will receive the product as soon as possible, only need to pay a certain logistics fee.
If you can wait patiently, we will also provide general logistics services, and you do not need to spend logistics costs on your pages.

Welcome to the lienahu service, we are working hard to do better!

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