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3D silk eye mask | LIENAHU 100% 3D Pure Silk Shading Sleeping Eye Mask

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Brand Name: LIENAHU

Name: 3D Silk Eye Mask

Fabric: 100% silk fabricFilling: 100% cotton


1: Breathable silk, soft surface of cotton inner layer. It can effectively balance the pressure on the user's face without feeling pressure, and make the user feel comfortable.
2: The new unique design is derived from the mechanical principle of the human body, so the human body can make a special three-dimensional cut of the human face, so that the eye mask keeps the air at the bottom of the shadow and creates a comfortable sleeping condition for the user.
3: Create a good sleeping environment, which can block the eyes' light, eliminate interference, and make your sleep comfortable. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation to the eyes, slow down the congestion of the eyeballs, and prevent dark circles and under eyes.
4. Elastic band design, adjustable size, suitable for any size head circumference.

Type: Eye Mask
Composition: Breathable and soft silk surface, the inner layer is made of cotton material.
Maintenance: Under normal maintenance, this product can be recycled. Fabric: 100% silk fabricFilling: 100% cotton
Color: black, pink, gray (grey does not include bag)
Material: Advanced Silk
Size: 19.5 * 8.5cm
Weight: 50 grams
Package contents:
1 3D Silk Eye Mask
1 cloth bag

Washing instructions: Wash your hands with silk or neutral detergent in cold or warm water. Do not use detergent or washing powder, do not dry clean, and avoid direct sunlight

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