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How important is ass to a woman!

  • Foreword

Sexy, can highlight the curvaceous. One of the three measurements of a human body is the hip. Lopez, glorified by "FHM Top 100 Beautiful Women in the World", is considered to be the sexiest beauty in the contemporary era. He has a hot body, bright facial features, a bright smile, and is especially sexy and plump. "Attractive." Therefore, many women who intend to increase their buttocks take her as the "struggle" target. After the movie, Nicole Kidman said, "I want to have a hip like Jennifer Lopez."

  • The importance of hips
The buttocks play a role in supporting the structure of the human body. Obese buttocks appear enlarged and windy, lack elasticity, the hip line is too large, and sags to the sides, and sometimes sags. Sometimes the sides of the buttocks and the There are no obvious boundaries on the sides of the thighs. Excessive buttocks can make the legs feel shorter. The focus of hip liposuction to reduce weight is to reduce the hip circumference, modify the sagging part and lift it up, reduce the width of the hip circumference, adjust the height of the hip hips, reduce the fat on the hip, and make the curve from waist to hip smooth and smooth. , Reduce the thigh root fat, so that the thighs look beautiful and slender.

  • Which of a woman's face and buttocks is important?

A girl is beautiful, she has a good figure, she is more fashionable, and she reveals a little more, and the rate of turning back on the street is definitely high. Let's ask another way: keep walking, what can we see when we look back? Then we can only see the butt of other girls. And knowing that you can only see the ass, why look back? That's because the man wants to see it most. Good-looking faces can only make people feel relaxed and happy, and people who have desires must be surrounded by fabrics. Men look back at the places where they can generate desires. That chest is also covered with cloth. Shouldn't it be the first place of desire? Maybe the chest can be ranked first, but there is such a problem. When you look back, the girl can't see you looking at her. But how could you stare straight at someone's chest when walking across from a girl?

Let's look at the importance of women's hips during the love stage. If two people have developed to the degree of kissing, the man's hand will never be idle when kissing (the woman's hand is idle most of the time, at least, the change of the hand is not strong), the hand position of the man when kissing The change in women shows the intensity of men's desire to burn. Simply speaking, we will say that this desire burns to the strongest level. When the desire is strongest, the hand of a man must be placed on the buttocks of a woman in most cases. The intensity of stroking and rubbing lightly and pinching slightly is also different. Kissing will surely arouse desires. This desire is all manifested in the hands of men and put on the buttocks of women. That is the calling and expectation of sex.

So from a certain perspective, the importance of female hips is greater than that of faces. But such an important part is something that some women do not value. Some marriages have to give birth to a little child before starting to pay attention to that. She is afraid that her hips will become too big because of having children. A woman can spend an hour decorating her face in front of a mirror, but she never spends five minutes looking into her hips and looking at the mirror, which is an occasional exception when she buys a new pair of pants.

inner thigh exerciser

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The most ironic thing is that the buttocks are so important, but all the cosmetics on the dressing table are prepared for the face, and nothing is for the buttocks.
The importance of ass is irreplaceable for a woman. It will be the best part in both form and fun, so let's lift the hips from now on!



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